Fighting Fit Fencing

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Scholarship Details

Fighting Fit will provide the following free of charge to each member of the Performance scholarship during the contract period. 

Kit/Equipment a value of £1125.00 

  • Fighting Fit Performance tracksuit x 1 
  • Fighting Fit performance t-shirts x 2
  • Fighting Fit performance shorts x 1 
  • 50% on all LP purchases will be paid for by the club up to a maximum of £500.00 per year only if purchased via the club (any other purchases of kit are excluded) 
  • 1 x maraging blade per year 
  • Fighting Fit training Diary 
  • LP wheelie bag (with name & club logo)
  • Fighting Fit Performance patches for Jacket & Breeches

Club & Training – Value of £ 7615.00 

  • Free unlimited use of the club – no entry fee for any regular club training session
  • Minimum 3 x 1-2-1 lessons per week
  • S & C sessions at club
  • Club Workshops & seminars (Psychology/nutrition/sports science) up to a value of £300.00 per year 
  • Organisation of sparring with other fencers from the UK & Europe
  • Fighting Fit summer camp & other training camps free of charge
  • Discounted trips (excluding travel) to Europe for training camps subject to availability up to the value of £300.00 per year 
  • Exclusive coaching from FF Head coach + additional coaches at the discretion of the head coach

Competitions – £650.00 

  • Paid entry for up to 6 Domestic competitions per year including: Cadet, Junior or Senior Nationals, BRC events, LPJS events, EYC and regional qualifications (as selected by the coaching staff)
  • Periodisation of competition & training calendar

Other – £610.00 

  • BF competitive membership (all EFC/FIE licences will need to be supplied by the athlete where needed)
  • Progress reports
  • Referee & coach training programme

In return the athlete and their parents will agree to the following conditions to remain in the performance programme

  • Yearly contract to Fighting Fit Fencing – extendable after the first 12 months
  • Minimum weekly attendance of 4 sessions per week (sessions will be run throughout the 7 days of the week and athletes can choose and book their sessions on a weekly basis according to their own personal timetable)
  • Attend Summer Camp & all FF half term/holiday camps
  • Promotional events x 10 per year
  • Refereeing/coaching as required by FF at events where FF require the athlete x 8 year
  • Competitions schedule to be adhered to – guarantee a minimum of 8 competitions a year (as selected by the coach)
  • Training schedule to be adhered to – including additional extra focus sessions & special weekend workshops when required.
  • All personal kit & equipment to be purchased through the club 
  • Complete a daily training diary – every day
  • Attend the 3-month performance reviews (fitness, attendance, attitude, and performance analysis)
  • Wear FF apparel at all training sessions, promotions, events, competitions and when required
  • Pay the annual Fighting Fit membership fee of £65.00

You Set Your Own Goals

We understand that some on the programme may wish to gain selection for a country’s international squad at cadet/junior/senior level, while others may decide on the Olympics as their goal. There will not be any pressure from the club, coaches, or staff to push for a higher goal than the athlete is comfortable with. But they will be encouraged to work hard and to organise their education and other activities around their training. 

Signing the Contract

Each performance athlete will be asked to sign a contract between the club, the athlete and their parents. Unfortunately unless all parties agree to this agreement then we will not be able to offer a place to the fencer. The agreement will last a minimum of 12 months unless removed with an option to extend the agreement for a further 12 months. If the athlete leaves prior to the annual contract or the expansion as agreed thereafter, all scholarship fees on behalf of the athlete will be repayable up until the leaving date. This will include club entry fees, kit, camps, and everything listed above. 

Rules and Regulations

Evidence of sparring, training, or competing at any other venue/club/school other than Fighting Fit Fencing will be counted as leaving and voiding the contract. However, if the fencer decides to leave the sport of fencing and not return to fencing for at least 1 additional year from the leaving date then any monies due will not be reclaimed.  

You Will be Reviewed

Each athlete will be required to attend a 3-monthly review. If they fail to do so, they will be removed from the performance group and re-join the elite/senior/mini elite sessions. The athlete can cancel this agreement at any time by deciding to move into another Fighting Fit group. If they do, they will no longer be bound by this agreement, nor will any monies be due other than those required to attend sessions as a regular Fighting Fit Fencing club member. However, the athlete must remain part of Fighting Fit Fencing as a full member for the remaining time within the contract period. 

Athletes Can Be Removed

The athlete can be removed from the performance group at the discretion of the coach and staff. To be removed from the group the following will apply:

  • Nonattendance of the minimum x 4 sessions per week unless by prior agreement for certain circumstances 
  • Nonattendance of the 3-month review
  • Fitness, attendance, attitude, and competition performance is not to standard
  • Unacceptable behaviour before, during or after any Fighting Fit demo, publicity, training, competition, or any other event linked with Fighting Fit or while wearing Fighting Fit apparel — including travelling to and from events/venues
  • Criminal activity deemed chargeable under the current laws
  • Failure to keep to a time management schedule/allowing educational work to slip and not up to standard
  • Not completing daily training diary
  • Failure to sign & abide Fighting Fit Fencing Club code of conduct

Please ensure that all parents, guardians, and the athlete have read and fully understood this document. If you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.