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Birthday parties

What we offer

Over the years we have run birthday parties for all ages. There are three packages available but we are more than happy to amend them to suit your needs. Not only do we do the usual beginner lessons, but we can also run competitions. Please see our additional extras at the bottom of the page that will make your party stand out from the rest!


COACHES: Our coaches are fully trained fencing instructors. Their CRB qualifications are checked on a regular basis and they undergo constant training.

HEALTH & SAFETY: All of our sessions include a full briefing.  Every participant must attend the first part of the session before they are allowed to fence. Safety breeches by a child or parent are not permitted and we have the right to ask participants to sit out if the coach deems it necessary. 

KIT & EQUIPMENT: We provide people with full use of the best quality FIE kite marked kit and equipment. All made in the UK, our kit is maintained and safety checked before each session. All of our weapons are made of steel. They are checked for wear and tear on a weekly basis and are maintained by our own in house armorer. All participants must wear a tee-shirt, trainers and tracksuit trousers. No shots are permitted.

More information

COST: All packages will be charged at a minimum of 10 people attending. We are happy to run events with smaller attendees; however the minimum charge will be for 10. If more than 16 children are attending, an additional coach will be on hand to assist. This is age dependent. 

PARTY BAGS: All of our party bags include toys and puzzles but we do try to make them fencing specific. We also add sweets but can replace them for a healthy option of fruit or non sugar items. We are also happy to add any of your own items to the bags if you would like us to.

ATTENDEES: Attendees can be of any age and fitness. You do not need to be fit or young to fence. However large cross sections of ages may require groups to be split.

VENUE: The prices shown below do not include hall hire at our venue in Barnet. There will be an additional flat fee cost of £20.00 per hour added to the individual package price below.

Additional Extras

Fighting Fit Trophies £15.00 each

Fighting Fit Fencing trophies in brass on a wooden base.  

Fighting Fit Medals £6.50 each

You can buy a medal for the winner, or for everyone who participates.

Printed T-Shirts £15.00 each

Make a statement and keep your fencing memories in a tee-shirt. This will feature your child’s name on the front with our logo and their birthday date will be printed on the back.

Refreshments Price on Application

We can arrange for snacks and juice or canapes and mocktails to be served during your break times. Just let us know what takes your fancy and we will do the rest.

Burst the Balloon Challenge £5.00p/person (Inc +30 mins extra hall hire)

We have a great contraption that allows fencers to strap balloons to their chest. Whoever bursts their opponents’ balloon first wins! With specially designed weapons and kit to turn a simple game into the game of the century. 

Venue £ Destination Dependent

We can attend a venue of your choice if you are unable to visit our school in Barnet. We have covered events in ballrooms and boardrooms — and even some on boats! Please note there is an additional cost for the hire of any premises this is not included in the price per person above. We may also charge for travelling time if outside the M25 area.