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Membership - More Info

We offer membership in several forms.  The most economical option is to join one of our monthly subscription packages.  These packages entitle you to discounts on our classes, the higher your monthly fee the more discount you receive.  There are a range of set fees per month, to suit your budget, the number of fencers in your family and the number of classes you will all be attending each month.  The monthly payment automatically stays in your own account and can be used for any family member, where and whenever you wish to, including purchasing any kit & equipment, competition entries, individual lessons, or anything else that we have on offer.  

If you prefer not to receive all the extra discounts and benefits associated with a monthly fee, we have our Pay ‘n ‘Play credits.  These come in a range of fixed blocks of fess and can be used against any service or product in our store.  They can be purchased as and when you need to top up your account you can even top up your monthly subscription if your funds are running low before your next instalment.  Pay ‘n ‘ Play is an ideal way to keep your account ready to use if you are not able to commit to regular weekly attendance.  Monthly members will still receive their discount based on their monthly package when purchasing using the top-up credit.

To purchase any Top-Ups, you will need to be a Fighting Fit annual member.

Top-Up’s available are: £5.00 – £15.00 – £30.00 – £60.00 – £150.00