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A guide to booking a session

Booking a fencing session on

We want booking a fencing session for yourself or your child to be an easy, stress free experience. To help with this we’ve developed a factsheet, which answers the most common challenges we receive. We’ll hopefully be doing more of these to help with all aspects of being a fencer!

Step one - Go to

The first thing to do is to log into your account. To get to the login page you can either bookmark our page (link below) when you go there for the first time or use the ‘book a session’ (or any of the links on this page) link on the Fighting Fit Fencing website.

Step two - Logging in

Once you get to the log in page, you’ll need to enter your email address that you have used to sign-up for booking sessions. You’ll also need to enter your password (you’ll have changed it from the system generated password we sent you when the account was set up). Once you have entered that information, just press the log in button. If there are any
challenges – check you have entered the correct information or, if you’ve forgotten your password – follow the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

Step three - selecting who’s fencing

Once you’ve logged in you’ll need to make sure that you are using the correct account (i.e. if you are booking a session for your child, make sure you select their name, not yours). This is the main way challenges happen. Use the drop down menu and select the fencer’s name.

Step four - Selecting a session

Now is the time to select the type of session you are trying to book. We have fencing sessions from ‘Little Fence (4-6 yrs)’ to ‘Adult Sessions’ with a whole bunch in between. Just click on your preferred session type to find out what time slots are available. Then simply select your preferred time slot (which still has capacity) and press ‘book now’. Remember, time slots will start filling up quickly after the summer!

Step five - book now!

Once you’ve pressed ‘book now’, you’ll be shown a confirmation page. If all is well, click ‘Next’. If there is anything wrong, press ‘Go back’ to correct it, otherwise the final step is to accept the session and press ‘Complete’. your booking should now be made!