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Performance Scholarship

£10,000 of fencing benefits per year

The Performance Scholarship provides £10,000 of fencing benefits per year to each fencer selected to be on the programme. These fencers are selected for their skill and are in the top 20 of a country’s fencing rankings. Their programme is set by our Head coach, who is the current GBR Women’s Foil Coach & British Fencing ADP coach. Classes will include a warm up, warm down, footwork, blade work, sparring with set tactics and individual lessons.

All fencers will follow a periodisation as set by the coach according to their competition schedule. This means that each class may be different for each athlete. These fencers are already on the Athlete Development Pathway (T1-T3) and aim to become selected for (E1-E2). Full electric fencing is a requirement for these sessions.

How We Decide

This programme has been designed for those that wish to take their fencing to the highest level, regardless of age. Athletes will be selected on merit and we will take into consideration their level of commitment, ability to train and attitude. Age is not a relevant requirement. Our aim is to develop a well-rounded athlete in all aspects of their life. This is a long-term approach and requires a level of dedication from all parties concerned, including parents.

Parents Involvement

This scholarship is about helping athletes reach their own personal goals and not the targets of those around them. We therefore ask all parents to discuss the athletes current goals for the next season or two before they consider this programme. The coaches will expect a certain level of competition results but these targets will be set according to each athlete’s current abilities. This means they will be obtainable over a season if they continue to work hard.

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