Fighting Fit Fencing

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Elite Group

Mini Elite

This group consists of fencers that wish to start competing or are wanting to extend their knowledge of fencing. All classes will include warm up games, footwork, bladework skills, refereeing and warm downs. It includes sparring with set objectives and fencing, which is fully supervised with coaches giving on-piste advice throughout.

Individual lessons are also given by our coaches to ensure their technical level is improving. This follows the higher levels of BF grades. Electric fencing is a requirement for this session.


Our Elite classes have been designed for fencers who are already competing at a national and international level. For those that have yet to complete their BF grades, this is where they will finalise all levels. The aim is to work towards selection for the BF Athlete development pathway. All classes include a warm up, warm down, advanced footwork and bladework skills.

Strategy and tactics also start to play an important part of your training, as does sparring with objectives and individual lessons for each fencer. Full electric fencing is a requirement for this session.

Fencers can be selected by coaches during sessions, however existing fencers or those that would like to join our elite fencing group may apply here.