Fighting Fit Fencing

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Children’s Progression Pathway

All children’s’ classes will follow the British Fencing awards scheme. We want to ensure our fencers follow the pathway to access. If your child starts as a beginner, they will follow our pathway according to their age and ability. If they are an existing fencer, you will be assessed and placed into a suitable level to continue your progression.

Throughout our sessions our coaches will be using SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) notes on their tablets for our fencers.  Giving our staff the ability to track each individual fencers’ personal needs. SOAP notes are also used to keep track of progress for the Grading system.

Our grading system is fully automated and combines attendance and notes for each session.  As soon as a fencer is ready an email will be sent to confirm your child is ready for their next grading. Grading day events will be held throughout the year.

SOAP notes are also available for our adult fencers, and although there is no grading system, they will be used to keep track of personal goals, benchmarks and technical aspects of individual fencing needs including any notes for 1-2-1 lessons.

The coaches will have access to your account to use the SOAP notes, however, NO personal information other than your name, age and relevant medical details is visible to our coaching staff.

Little Fence Ages 4-6 years

In these classes we use a plastic kit that is based around the British Fencing awards scheme. Coaches use fun games to teach the fundamentals of fencing, balance, coordination, agility, and quick thinking. This is a good base if you are wanting your little ones to move up to the Youth classes.

Little Fence Pathway

Beginner – Level 1 (Pirates)

Viking – Level 2

Knights – Level 3

Youth 7-12 Years

This is where we introduce full metal and electric fencing. All classes consist of warm up games, blade work and footwork before supervised sparring in groups according to ability and age/size. Games are used not only for general fitness and agility but also to teach quick thinking and fast reactions. These lessons follow the British Fencing Grading.

Kids Pathway 7-11 years

Beginners – 

Foundation – Levels 1 & 2

Advanced – Level 3 & 4

Elite – invite only.

Teens 13- 17 Years

This is a continuation of the BF grading scheme. All classes include a warm up, warm down, games and an increased level of footwork, bladework and technical aspect is taught. We offer full electric fencing for all levels, but it is not required.

Teen Pathway 13 – 17 years


Foundation 3 & 4

Advanced – Levels 5 & 6

Elite – invite only 

Performance – invite only